Unable to reset password

I have been trying to reset my password for discuss.haiku-os.org. Under the Account - Preferences - Password section I click “Send Password rest email” but I have not gotten the email. I tried a couple times just in case.
Could someone see if outgoing mail is backed up or anything?
It shows my correct email address, and it is not going to my junk folder.

CC @kallisti5, @nielx.

Unfortunately there is nothing indicating what is going wrong. Outgoing emails are not backed up (I came here because of an email notification). It could be that your email providing is deciding to do a more thorough ban of emails from our servers. We will to do a more thorough investigation to see if they are bounced.

Thanks for checking. It was to hotmail.com in my case.
If there is anything I can be of assistance with please let me know.

Unfortunately it does seem like Microsoft is blocking our ISP. @kallisti5 can we raise a ticket with our host?

It might be related to the big spamcop.net outage (it’s telling mail servers globally to block email from all sources after Cisco let the domain expire)

Good day,

@Coldfirex, have you checked inside your Spam folder? I’ve been, lately, having plenty of issues related to undelivered mail that was inside the Spam folder, also plenty of issues sending email and not reaching destination.


@roiredxsoto Yes I have. Nothing there.
I just tried again, with no change.
I suppose I could add a different email address to work around this, but wanted to bring it to someone’s attention.

FYI, its still not working with Hotmail.
I added a gmail account, made it primary, and was able to reset my password.

I ran into troubles with one of my old mail accounts and I stopped to receive some mails.
The problem was that I used webmail interface once, therefore the spam filter was activated. Mails were marked as spam there and were not downloaded by the mail client.