Unable to log into the forum under Web (but able to do in WebPositive)

This seems like an odd bug, because I’ve been cruising around with Web and the only oddities have been no keyword search on page and interesting fonts appearing so far … in Web I’m unable to have an active cursor in the text boxes for username or password.

I’m posting this without problems in WebPositive. I’m on the RC1B4 with all updates installed.

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Please open a bug at the haikuports github for this.

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Ok I can go create an account there after work, do I do this under a section for Web or is there a section for the forum software used here?

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It’s nice to try to guide people into the right direction, but it’s even better to do it with a link to where that actually is :wink:

Bug reports for Web should go here: GitHub - haikuports/haikuports: Software ports for the Haiku operating system.

It is unlikely to be a bug with the forum software, since it works fine with other browsers.

Be sure to check the existing bugs. For example, I think there are known problems with typing special characters (especially those needing an AltGr key, if your keyboard layout has this) in Web. That may explain why your password ends up being incorrect, for example.


For me, it seems to have its own input logic that ignores Opt, so if I need to enter Portuguese text, it has to be copied from Terminal or something. That might be a way to log in if the input were the problem – copy the text in, instead of typing – but from the initial description it sounds like it’s more about focus. I’ve also noticed that the cursor that should tell me I have focus in the text input area of the form, is not always visible.

I’m using a Catalan keyboard, so it would be the same for me if it were “special” characters, but in this case it’s not just a focus issue but looks more like the text boxes aren’t there (the nice graphic to make the text box look softly edged is there, but not the text entry box itself) … I did check to make sure it wasn’t just a case of missing the cursor bar.

Thank you, yes as someone who has managed to avoid Github up until this point having a direct link is helpful :slight_smile:

Forcing someone to use proprietary M$ crap really isn’t a nice move for a open-source project :confused:
At least a fallback bug tracker for Haikuports that is self-hosted would be really nice.
I deleted my own Shithub account a few days ago,btw.
Freedom feels great!

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Steady on, for a long time Github has been the natural choice for professional programmers in general, and migration would take valuable time from more important things.


We already discussed this in Haikuports gerrit

But nothing came from it.

If you keep discussing it at Haiku forums (remember: HaikuPorts and Haiku are not the same project), it’s not very surprising that nothing comes of it. Maybe try the haikuports mailing lists?

Or maybe just pay for the hosting of a new server, set up a bugtracker and git repository and migrate all the tickets and CI there? If no one is willing to spend time on that, nothing will happen…

Also, I don’t think turning every thread where someone mentions Github into a discussion about how haikuports should leave Github is a good plan. Can we keep this thread focused on helping someone report their problems to the place where they should be reported in the current state of things?



I used to have similar problems. With time the input fields becomes/became uneditable / not accessible in Web browser.
For me - restart Web browser - in this special case - used to help.

Also , sometimes - if I highlight part of the text … that previously I could copy into the input field from clipboard - won’t be removed hitting Backspace or Delete … this is also because input fields becomes/became uneditable (their fix : restart the browser, … as usual ;-)) ).

Do not wonder if your Favourites gone : it may be everyday - random - event. I had not found them on OS level – possibly stored in an sqlite db or similar. So you cannor backup/restore your favs with a script or commandline.
You must add again manually - one-by-one. Except if you have them as Mozilla saved URLs - those can be (re)loaded.

Setiings - chosen by you , so alter from default - randomly can be lost … you must set it again.

Web is …


I’m posting this reply from Web! I did reboot last night before posting from Webpositive and it was the same, lol

I’m worried about what you’ve said though, a reliable privacy-aware browser is essential for me these days, and loosing bookmarks would be very not cool :grimacing:

I’m happy my hint could help you out at Web usage. :wink:

Well, using Haiku and some ported apps
double edge sword.

You may set up a nightly install parallel and investigate how Web, Falcon, Dooble works on it.
I suggest that as many Haiku fix would get there first.
On Beta - you must wait … as devs are cautious what and when get in Haiku Beta.

Me myself still had not set up a nightly install as well - I plan it, anyway.
I would investigate … the quirks I experience with these browsers
are changing or not with new fixes.

I do not report errors on Github, as I could not make friend with its interface at all.
I would be happy for a more simpler ticketing system – that built for ticketing … not for many purpose (storing development and its cycles, wiki, ticketing, etc.)
I don’t care it is belong to MS now, but the fact : it is not its main purpose.
So for reporting - you must know not just the Github URL Issues, but the actual URL of the project - its resulting fruit you would use and have problem with it - what about you would report … and there you find Issues tab where finally you can do the report - if you find it …(if it was clicked by the project ? or is it default ?) … It’s nonsense. (At least for me, sorry)

So I congratulate if you really did report it.

I didn’t report it in the end, because I couldn’t reproduce the problem … and it occurred to me that there’s little point when the Beta is so very far behind the nightly build.

Today I tried to use Haiku to do a normal “work” day and ran into enough roadblocks that I’ve decided to shelve the idea of using it as my main OS for the moment . I’m going to give the nightly build a try out of curiosity, but I need something that’s going to be somewhat reliable so I’m going back to linux for actually getting things done :confused:

Fingers crossed that in the future there will be a release that works for me, I really like the look and feel of it!

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I do hope so, it would be nice to report issues for the errors you encounter so they can be fixed for the future. (note however that we do expect you to report back if we fix issues if they are fixed if you report the bug : )

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I’ll boot the nightly and run through the same things just to see