Unable to Install Haiku

Recently, I tried to install Haiku on my desktop machine, but the installation was stopped. Haiku said it encountered a “general system error” and stopped at the libwebcore.so file. Does anyone know what this means?

Try the recipie listed on this page:

Looks like Haiku cant find the lib file for NetPositive.

That’s a known issue of the alpha2 iso9660 cd. You can burn an alpha2 anyboot image which shouldn’t have the problem (you might need to change the extension to .iso depending on your burning software).

Coincidentally it’s been fixed a few hours ago, so you might also just burn a nightly build of r36990 or newer, that should be available in the next hours on http://www.haiku-files.org


Thanks, guys! I was about ready to give up because I was so frustrated! Thank you so much!

These are the listed issues with Alpha 2 and how to fix (get around) them: