Unable to change font in BTextView


Jo, für die Hamburger Jungs ist das bestimmte totale Klasse :smile:
Von Stuttgart aus stehen so ca. 1000km dazwischen. Leider,


5h Zug fährt für 50€ hin und zurück oder 60€ pro Flug :slight_smile:


Ja genau. Und ich bin der Osterhase. Für 50€ macht dir der Schaffner nen Knopt ins Ohr.
Den Flug glaub ich dir schon eher. Wobei… innerdeutsch… vergiss es. Da fliegst billiger auf die Kanaren :slight_smile:




Ok got me :blush:


Until you start running into corner cases. There is a reason Scintilla has as much code as it does. Anyway, that’s your choice, have fun :slight_smile:


Pretending that BTextView does net work sounds strange. StyledEdit provided with Haiku is a good sample application and it does manage using BTextView.


Its all good with BTextView.
And it works fine. When it comes to tag some words, like for example #include, with a color then its ok too. Works fine.
But when you DELETE some characters in the BTextView text the problem begins.
You could run through the whole text and SetFontAndColor. But its so timeconsumption that its just not usable.
BTextView cant tell you where your cursor is (ok the line, but not the position).
BTextView is unable to get sate of character where cursor is. and so on.
So, you see. I tried all option i had. But none them are really usefull.
And sorry, but StyleEdit is NOT a programing editor.


I love difficutlies. While there is a way to resolve them in a reasonalbe time