UBL/PePPoL Viewer

I am working on an UBL/PePPoL Invoice viewer.

UBL/PePPoL is an universal xml-structure for invoices/creditnote’s (and more). See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Business_Language

It is available as 64-bit download at https://www.zittergie.be/download/UBLViewer.hpkg.zip

Please test, translate and give feedback.
To translate the app: See the /system/apps/UBLViewer/local for an example. Send me the textfile and I will add the translation to the package.

Next step is adding it to haikuports.



It’s great to have such apps. Great work!

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Updated to 0.62-2
UBL Viewer for Haiku will always be the PRO version. No need to register in Haiku.
XML and Text view. Possible to Remove/replace PDF. Basic editing of UBL.

Do you happen to have a SVG icon for UBLViewer? It can be integrated when building with a recipe at Haikuports.

Versus using a resources file?

I saw in the screenshot there was no icon, just suggesting adding one. It is usually easier to add the icon in the recipe when using haikuporter than adapt the application build system.


I’ve only ever done it with the resources file and didn’t know about it being possible a different way.

New Version 0.63-1

  • Icon added
  • Open a PDF renamed as .xml will just open the PDF
  • Multiline adresses will show the full address

Next free time will be spend on trying to make a recipe so I can add it to Haikuports. In the mean time the first link is still available (and updated)