Two shell questions

I saw a shell screenshot in another thread. Two things come to my attention:

  1. The colour of the prompt indicates success (0 = green) or error (not 0 = red). Did I understand that correctly? That’s pretty nifty if it’s true. [Bonus question: Can the colours be changed for colour-blind people?]

  2. I’m not a Linux shell wizard, but doesn’t pkg-config exist on Linux, too? And if so, does that mean Haiku and Linux share the same installer?


  1. True

  2. Pkg-config exists on many Linux distros but that doesn’t mean they use the same installer, nor does Haiku. It’s just a common interface library.

Yes, you can edit the prompt in /etc/profile. Look for the code setting the PS1 variable and using colors which look like \x1B[31m and replace the 31 with other colors (from 31 to 39).

pkg-config is a tool to find compiler configuration for various libraries. It is available on many systems and allow compilation scripts for various pieces of software to find things on all these systems.

The package installer in Haiku has a command line called pkgman (short for “package manager”), that is unrelated to pkg-config.