Two questions about debian sources

I’m porting a software package FOO whose source code is available from several sites - the project seems abandoned and no longer maintained, so there is plenty of forks and copies out there. The sourceforge page itself DOES NOT host a full tarball of the latest release.
debian hosts the most complete and up-to-date source package with patches and I took them from there.
Now, the questions:

  1. should I link to the debian FOO.orig.tar.xz source package in a recipe? I suspect when the current release (bullseye?) will switch into old-stable, the link will change.

  2. should I link to the debian FOO.debian.tar.xz additional package in a recipe? It includes needed patches and a modernized Makefile, so it is relevant indeed. But will haikuporter be able to download this file, unpack, patch, and then apply further patches (haiku-specific)? OTOH this seems to me the simplest way to keep credit for the original patch authors’ work.

Any help will be appreciated.

Don’t see anything stopping you to grab the sources from Debian (plenty recipes already link to Debian sources/patches being used).
I for one check on Repology to check if sources are not that easy to track and see where others grab them.

Oh, I see in haikuports directory some projects use directly salsa repository (whose paths will be kept across debian stable releases) and download even single patch files, as I wanted to.
And their recipes include a rich PATCH() block (squashfs-tools is an example).

Well, I need to write this recipe from stratch. I’ll be my first and it’s going to be quite a complex one.