Twitcher behaviour and show desktop functionality

The issue is this:
Imagine you have 4 open applications. When you invoke the Twitcher window it shows: 1-Vision, 2-WebPositive, 3-Terminal, 4-Koder.
First, you click the 1-Vision window, then the 2-WebPositive window. Now, if you a quick CTRL+TAB, you keep switching between those two.
If, however, you hold CTRL+TAB too long and the Twitcher window appears, you cycle through all apps 1,2,3,4 - not just switch between 1 and 2.

I suspect this is also responsible for the bug that sometimes it seems that a quick CTRL+TAB doesn’t seem to switch between the same two apps, but somehow lands on another… This is just a suspicion on my part though.

In any case, we patiently await your patches on icon size and behavioural change, @jsteinaker. :slight_smile:

Windows’ ALT-TAB functionality has the window list always be ordered by most to least recently focused. So a long vs. short alt-tab press makes no difference. I think copying that behavior would be good.

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I think Twitcher already does, too. At least when its window opens, the previous app is selected, so letting go of CTRL will switch back to it.
It may be that the TAB key got caught twice or something, so now the next app in line was selected instead and switched to. All without the window showing, because you initiated a ‘short CTRL TAB’.