TUN/TAP Developement Update #1 | Haiku Project

Hello again everyone! I wanted to write a long overdue update on how everything is going and what I’ve been learning over the past couple of weeks. Due to how my semester didn’t actually end until the 16th, progress has been relatively slow but now that I have more time I can get started on more things with this project.

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Congrats on the progress! On a sidenote, openVPN already is available at the depot (recipe is at haikuports), if patches are needed please file them there :slight_smile:

Does it works without a complete TUN/TAP implementation?

Only one way to find out, had it lying around and since there was no need before it was just left here, now it can be tested. (and patched if needed)


I’m gonna test it pretty soon, as far as I am aware with what I had worked on the basic tests that didn’t involve a TUN driver worked so I will test it with the developing driver :wink:


This ticket is interesting!


Thank you for that link! I am trying to keep in mind to try and make the driver itself generic enough so that you only have to use read/write to keep that behavior similar to PPP, VPN, Bluetooth, etc.