Trying to install Haiku

I have downloaded the Alpha release (ISO) and I am trying to follow he installation instructions.

I am using what I believe is the latest release of GParted (gparted-live-0.4.6-1). There are 14 different ways I can format a hard drive but none of them seem to be BeOS?

GParted appears to be the recommended partitioning tool so what am I doing wrong?

The hard drive is empty and I assume that once it’s format I can proceed to doing the install.


Let the installer do that - it knows how to format a BFS partition.

You just need GParted (or something like it) to create the partitions in the first place.

I used Gpart to set up the Haiku partition. I used 32 bit FAT.

I used linux’s fdisk to create my beos partition because fdisk let me specify the partition type id (eb for beFS). A basic linux liveCD can do the job

NB: if your disk is really empty, the MBR’s code area have to be correctly initialised with a standard one (not grub for instance), otherwise the bios can’t find the boot sector.

Thanks for the tips so far.

I formatted the hard disk using GParted as FAT32.

I load the Haiku ISO disk and get the Haiku main screen then after a period of a minute or so an error comes up. It says.

did not find any boot partitions!
Welcome to kernel debugging land
Thread 12 “main 2” running on cpu 0

Any ideas on what is causing this and how I might correct it.

If the error occured after the 4th icon lights up (the disk icon), that means that Haiku is having trouble using the ATA/SATA bus. Reboot your system, and continue pressing the space bar after the BIOS screen finishes and before the Haiku logo appears. You will have the option to enable safe mode settings. Select the option “Disable Disk DMA” (or similar) and continue booting.

This is a known problem on some chipsets. If this resolves your issue, file a bug with the exact system chipset details to Haiku Trac bug database.

Good luck.