Trying to find Senryu for digital museum - anyone know of a copy?

First, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section. I know this is a really strange topic, and I am fully aware, more than anyone, that Land of the Leaves is a dormant hobby project at the moment because of obligations I have right now. In short, it has a LOT of TLC that needs done to it to finish it and make it fun and, well, usable. And, yes, eventually, I would like to turn it into a digital museum so future generations can learn more about Be and Haiku in one spot. While I don’t think that will get done for at least a month or so, or until I have more free time to spare, I’m willing to try it… but anyway, down to the point:

  • Up until just a while ago, I used to have a 400+ GB archive, including Senryu. I planned to share and upload Senryu (I had downloaded both the old and later copies), and tragically, my disk went corrupt. I usually have multiple disks to keep things running sane, but I irresponsibly forgot to tie it into my backups. As a result, it (and a lot of stuff with it) is lost, and that is a problem because:

  • BeBits and Haikuware, as we all know, are gone – who knows for how long? And the Internet Archive is not helping much with those either. I’ve tried old FTP addresses from some foreign sites, but they lead to dead cyber-cinders somewhere. So, after honestly searching myself, does anyone have a copy of Senryu PE they would be willing to upload and share a link to, or, does anyone know of a missing link that still works?

If you could help, I’d be extremely grateful! And I will get it uploaded, share it on the “Leaves” site for everyone, and credit you with the find. If no one has it, oh well. It’s not our fault it’s gone like that anyway. :slight_smile: It’d just be nice to add to the collection.

Thanks, all.

I have an image … I am always on beshare bbjimmy connected to and am sharing senryu.7z. I downloaded it, but never tried it. I just launched the image in qemu and it seems to work.

Thank you kindly for the info! I’m now downloading Senryu.7z through BeShare and will post again once I can get it uploaded…

I built that images. But I don’t have any copies here because was made in my Linux partition has gone away for a long time ago.

Glad to hear about it in the community nowadays, despite the devs think that we are trying to split Haiku. In fact, I just wanted an up-to-date image with all installed libs to save time and port the largest number of possible games for Haiku.

Okay, Senryu.7z has been copied and uploaded, and there is now a shared GDrive link so people can download it publicly. Outside of Web+, on any major browser, simply click Senryu on this page to download it: . And as promised, bbjimmy is credited with the find; thanks once again for the link! :slight_smile:

Again, as I’ve said before, the Leaves site isn’t in the best of states right now, but it is a beginning, and I hope everyone will enjoy it in the future.