Trying to build Haiku on Lubuntu 11.04 on my EeePC 1001PXD... needs Yasm 0.7?

Trying to build the GCC4 build tools and keep getting a “Need Yasm 0.7 or greater”. I seem to remember getting that warning once before, but have forgotten how I solved it. Something is missing and I don’t know where I go (or what I do) to resolve it directly. I assume downloading the sources (from the site, as directed) for Yasm and trying to create it myself is not the way to go about it… is it?

Either you do not have yasm installed or are using an older version.

Can you test at command line with yasm to see if installed and give version #. Or use Lubuntu’s package manager to install latest yasm.

Thank you… that was it… I was trying to remember what method I used last time and that was it… the package manager! Any idea if Yasm is meant to be in the Haiku files or is it always a 3rd party app that is part of the host OS (in this case, Lubuntu)?

You always have to use yasm from the OS you are building on. If you build on Haiku, then you use Haiku’s yasm. If you build on Linux, then you use Linux’s yasm.

You could not run Haiku’s yasm on Linux because it is compiled for Haiku.