Trouble downloading software with WebPositive


I’m running Haiku alphaR3 on VMWare player and I am having trouble downloading any software with WebPositive. I download from Haikuware,, BeBits and Zetagames. The downloads usually start, but then only get 1/5 of the way downloaded and then stall. Otherwise WebPositive seems to work fine. Any ideas? Thanks,


When the downloads fails, can you still browse webpages in WebPositive? Can you download the files that fails with wget?

I can still browse web pages. I just tried wget and it says “No space left on device” when i try to download Beshare (i hope i am doing it correctly) – so that means the hard drive of the vmware image of haiku is full, right? the icon for the hard drive in the upper left corner of the screen has a red stripe next to it…

The red bar on the disk icon means that you have run out of virtual disk space.

Create a new Disk Image in VMWare and then install Haiku on to it from the alpha3 image. Then you’ll be able to boot to that, install WebPositive and download files.

Great, thanks!