Trouble compiling DriveEncryption (linking stage)

In order to use Haiku on my laptop I really need some form of drive encryption. I was almost able to compile GitHub - axeld/driveencryption: DriveEncryption for Haiku on x86_64, but I’m stuck at the linking stage:

The __dso_handle error is caused by -nostdlib, a flag which seems to be implicitly set when building drivers. I don’t know what to try from here. Any ideas?


Did you try to pull in the changes from the PR: Changes to bring source code to gcc 11 by incognitte · Pull Request #6 · axeld/driveencryption · GitHub
That should make it possible to build for 64bit (see the comments there too.

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__dso_handle should be provided by the kernel itself, so probably it is somehow not being linked against as it should.

IMHO we should probably include DriveEncryption with Haiku itself. But I don’t know what @axeld thinks of that idea.


This compiles. but unfortunately doesn’t work, even after successfully running Running encrypted_drive_control with any option besides --help just outputs encrypted_drive_control: Failed to open control device: No such file or directory. Running DriveEncryption opens an error popup that says Could not open encrypted control device.

I assume those tools are what I’m supposed to do to create an encrypted drive/file, but I can’t even run them. Am I wrong? Is there some step that I’m missing? The readme isn’t particularly clear.

Having encryption as part of the OS would be great!