Trojita email client

I reworked the Trojita receipe as I wanted a little newer email client than Bezilla mail. Anway, I got it to build.


Excellent! :beers:

When will this get pushed to HaikuDepot?
I’ve been waiting for a new IMAP client for a while.
Mail works great for POP3 accounts, but its performance on IMAP is less than stellar, and the metaphor that it’s trying to show (emails as files, in directories that represent folders) isn’t really applicable to IMAP.

Once the recipe is added to the haikuports repo, you either have to wait for a Haiku dev to manually build and upload it, if you use the (at the moment default)

If you use the (at the moment still) experimental repo
it’ll appear there automatically after the buildbots sucessfully created the HPKG from the recipe.