Triple screen with nightly build 10/12/2021


haiku is giving me a triple miniscule screen like this:

So you can see haiku-os but in triplicate and it is really hard to read.
This wasn’t happening in the last official release.
How can I debug the graphics port?


Submit a bug report , indicates the revision and attach a syslog

Tried a different resolution in preferences/screen? Or choose a different screen size at boot start?

If you have problems, it is always good to give more information about your system! Use the command “listdev” in Terminal to get more info about your devices!

Like that: (Haiku R1 Beta 3 hrev.: 55610 Intel Extrem Graphics-Card)

And a syslog (found in boot/system/var/log/)

I have the same problem, you need to use a smaler resolution