Trebuchet - Haiku's versions of Apple's Launchpad

Hello, as the subject like clearly states, this is my idea/design for a mockup of Apples’ “Lauchpad” for Haiku. This is all just conceptual and will probably never be added to Haiku unless enough feedback warrants me to contact Haiku.

Welcome to Trebuchet, a new and fresh way of looking and launching apps in Haiku.

I thought that it would be really neat if Haiku had something like Apple’s Launchpad. I know that it is risky mixing features of one OS and putting it in another, but I thought that it would be a fun new way of looking at and accessing apps. Of course it does not make anything easier, but it does bring a fresh, fast new way for viewers. I stuck to typical Haiku designs, and I think it turned out rather well…

Also, Trebuchet can be accessed one of two ways:

from the Haiku Menu: menu > applications > Trebuchet

From the desktop: A gesture or field marker could be set as a way of activating Trebuchet view.

If not launched from the menu, Trebuchet will appear in the centre of the screen in it’s respective window (excluding the yellow taskbar which is usually seen on the top of windows).

I hope you all like it!

I think that if you full screened the window, except still showing the deskbar, it would work good on touchscreens, because it would hard to navigate through a bunch of small menus without a mouse. On a desktop it looks kinda in the way. You may want to look at launchbox. For touchscreens, you could also look at BeFull(

If this were to get implemented, it could be a large tracker window with links to the apps, apllets, preferences, home folder, etc. Instead of the tracker being in list view, by default it could be in the large icon view.

it look better, good work.

BUT (sorry)

==> The sum of details + userbility by simplycity Design (form + color) with hight performence!

This is a formel for a better new Design.
And how can we do this?

  1. Needs Designer
  2. Needs Developers
  3. Needs a WIKI for Planing and Brainstorming
  4. Planing Stuff
    –> full theming system for haiku (xml or css for widgeht drawing) + settings
    –> in focus of S&T + tiled and set groups
    –> new stuff for About View, Info View, IconToolBar, TabView? , … etc
    … etc

It is not easy to do! BUT when we found more peoples to do this then lets start :wink:


Sounds like a plan! But yes, it will take time… can anyone start a Wiki-site?

Oh, and by the way… this design is still “in the works” so I still have lots to change… like a button in the menu for quick launch to this application viewer/launcher.

I would really like to get a Haiku Design Wiki started… can I get some help???

Also, I don’t know much about design programming, I just use graphic software to create what I like… this stuff doesn’t actually exist on my haiku machine… sorry…

Thanks so much stargater!

You can mail the haiku website admin and ask him.

You have a real Design skill ?

You can look the Notification GUI Design -> here need better Design

You can look file Info, here have haiku diferenz Design.