Trackpoint working on Thinkpad T460s / T560 but not on T470s / T570

Trackpoint working on Thinkpad T460s / T560 but not on T470s / T570, does anybody have an idea why ?

At all? Maybe the devices are different. For example, the trackpad works on the T480s except scrolling gestures.
Please, use listdev from terminal to identify the device and report it back.
If you haven’t, please open a ticket here.

Recent machines removed the legacy PS/2 port that was used for these and switched to an i2c device. We don’t have a working driver yet for this new system.


Thank you for the quick info, i suspected somthing like this.

If anybody knows a workaround, please share.

Touchpad is working, but there is no acceleration, so it is not good to cover great distances on the screen, unfortunatly

Keep up the great work

I suggest to

→ Open an enhancement ticket about i2c device driver for Touchpad devices in Trac
→ start a campaign among forum users to help you – upvoting your ticket !..

I don’t know who is/are among the developers to able to write such i2c driver - if anyone - but maybe they are not regular devs … I mean lately saw some patches from new guys : those were done for specific HW devices/programs -
You may have luck on your side and such hidden developer - especially who is affected also - dare to write a driver for such device(s). They also can expect help from Haiku devs to give advice if they stuck at some points …

You could have hope from ARM64 or RISC-V
if laptops would have been existed for them - as they probably do not develop a Legacy PS/2 port driver for their device but a more modern interface.
I do not know which one they can select - it sucks if it would be a third one. But finally it is just theoretical as those really not touchpad equipped devices actually - so porting afforts do not target such devices from Haiku side. Anyone can correct me me if I’m wrong about it.

Anyway - long story short …

I can offer

to upvote your Trac ticket if you share it -

against that … currently I am not affected in it.

Despite workaround I assume worth to invest to futureproof solutions to have more solid base and quite good experiencing of usage of Haiku.

Have a good luck !

Also suggest

—> to rename your post thread if you start to collect supporters like
“Help me out – to have new i2c device driver for Touchpad devices”

or similar …

There are enough of these already:

A “campaign”? this is not a political thing. Several of the devs are affected too, including myself. On my machine the problem is not so easy to fix due to other underlying issues with the PCI support. So it will take some time before I can get it working.

Then don’t vote for it. The goal of votes is to help identify if a lot of people are affected by a specific problem. If you start upvoting tickets that don’t affect your machine, this is just biasing the results, it is a bit unhelpful and it will come at the cost of not working on other tickets.

Also, on hardware support tickets, the main problem is having a computer that has the problem, and a developer who knows how to solve it, in the same room for a long enough time. You can upvote as much as you want, if theses conditions are not met, nothing will happen. It is very hard to write and debug a driver “blindly” without being able to test it on the hardware.


If it works but with some issues then it’s must be a PS/2 device, I think (it’s usually what Thinkpads T-series of that era use, including some X1 Carbon models).
I’ve never changed the acceleration on my T480s but I’ll do some tests.

For many years now I have been in the habit of using a mouse rather than the trackpad or trackpoint (on Thinkpads).
It’s so much easier, and even if you carry your laptop around with you the extra weight of a mouse is immaterial.
I’d rather see the devs’ efforts going in to supporting a problem where there isn’t an easy and effective solution.

Let me guess, you usually use your laptop on a desk?

Is there a better way?

I think what @K11 was getting to, was that you can’t use a mouse if the laptop computer is physically on your lap.

You’re right, I am sure, but despite the name, laptops are usually used on desks or tables.

I never use mine on a desk or table but I may be unusual.

Personally I ended up getting a trackball. This way I can use my laptop anywhere and I still have something a lot better than a trackpad :slight_smile: and with many buttons (it has 5).

But there are many ways to use a computer and I think we should make these things work.

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Wireless? Does the external mouse disable the trackpad? I can live with the trackpad on this T450s, but just barely - a hand anywhere near it will produce very irritating spurious mouse events.

I use this one: EX-G Wireless Trackball (make sure to get the right handed version if that’s the hand you use :slight_smile: )

The trackpad on my current laptop is i2c and has no driver currently on Haiku. So I don’t have problems with it (for better or worse).

You can enable “pad blocker” in input preferences so at least the trackpad is disabled when you use the keyboard. But I think it currently also blocks the mouse, not an ideal solution.

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