Tracker user prefs, read only folders, etc

Will Tracker finally have the ability to support user preferences like icon mode, etc. for all generally accessible folders no matter if they’re read only? This would include the blue folders that are linked to the Deskbar. I think it’s important to have feature parity with BeOS in this regard.

“Feature parity” isn’t quite the right word here. BeOS couldn’t save the state of a folder on a read-only medium either, which is what a mounted package fs amounts too.

I agree, there must be a solution for the issue eventually, but none has been proposed yet. See ticket #10094. +1 the ticket to up its importance. :slight_smile:

Well what I mean by feature parity is being able to view the Applications, Preferences, etc. folders in icon mode and persist that user preference, which BeOS supported.


The problem with the so-called “blue folders” (Applications, Preferences in the menu) is that they are not really folders.
In fact, they are query results shown as folders for convenience.
I would be possible to have an icon view but none came up with a patch to do it yet.

I really think those folders should be just listings of the actual folders themselves. It is extra work to add links to those folders, porting-wise, and they are not localisable.

Having the actual folders compliments the “simple” philosophy as well.

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They are not queries, they are a quick hack to have an editable Deskbar menu built from a merge of read-only and read-write data. The goal was to have some way to edit and organize the Deskbar entries while still having them auto-populated when adding and removing packages by default. The “simple” philosophy is nice and fine, but there was a strong requirement by users to be able to customize the deskbar AND also a strong requirement to have new apps automatically added to it.

It was not the plan to keep them, I think. This hack should be removed and Deskbar should work in some other way (mmu_man suggested to use queries).

The actual directory is still there (/system/data/deskbar/menu) and can be used in any view mode, but, being read-only, it is not possible to persist the view mode when showing it in Tracker. So even if we changed Deskbar and removed the “blue folders”, you still couldn’t use that.

The other thing to do is improve Tracker so that the queries and “blue folders” (they share mostly the same code on Tracker side) can be displayed in icon mode.

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