Tracker upgrade or option

Coming from a Linux/Apple/Windows/DOS background- As file manager goes Tracker just doesn’t “get it”. I see the need for a Krusader/GNOME Commander/Explorer/Finder/Midnight Commander/DFM type of file manager. It is a pain to have 10,000 windows open up while browsing though your files. (I know about the right-click thing, it is almost as bad: too many paths that you are not interested in).
Also copy/cut and paste of files would be nice.

Preferences > Tracker > Single Window Navigation.

Maybe it’s you who does not get it? :slight_smile:

The users guide shows how to do all this:

Those functions are implemented in the right-click menu. Oh, and the implementation is done in the way you probably won’t need to have two windows open at the same time. Only the source window will do :slight_smile:

Agreed, the context menu does display lots of files/directories but at some point of time in the future it would probably get more user friendly.