Tracker Crashing in hrev52989

Tracker has started crashing (segment violation) when I try bringing up the context menu in a folder. The fastest easiest way to reproduce this is to bring up the menu once for a file, dismiss it, then select the file and bring up the menu for it again. I clicked “save report” to have a record of what happened. Does that automatically send the report file back to Haiku the bug tracking server?

No, the report is saved on your desktop. You can create a ticket on
We have decided to not automate this because bugreports without follow-up from the reporter are often useless. We need to get back to you to ask further questions, ask you to test modified versions, etc. Bugs where this is not done usually end up with “no reply in 5 years, closing.” or similar and do not help at all.

Before reporting, make sure the problem is not related to a Tracker add-on you may have installed. They add themselves to the menu and it’s quite possible there is something strange happening there.

Apparently I have a few extra tracker add-ons (14 besides the 3 that seem to be part of a standard install). How do I disable them without uninstalling? Is it as easy as disabling an extension or control panel on the real Mac OS (pre Mac OS neXt)? That is: moving it to another folder such as “Tracker (disabled)” or “Add-Ons (disabled)”?

Yes, that would work.

Yes, just move their HPKGs from /system/packages/ to anywhere else to uninstall. Move back if they were not the culprit to re-install.

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Went through the add-ons. It seems to be TrackGit that’s the culprit.