Trac account email verification doesn't get delivered to

Hi All!
I tried to create a Trac account and got stuck on email verification Verify Email – Haiku ( stage.
It’s been almost 24 hours since the email was supposedly sent to my address but I never received it (no, not even in Junk/Spam folders). Tried several more times to request another email dispatches - no luck still.
I’ve reached out to Microsoft Support first, knowing that it is probably their spam filter or something, yet they mentioned this is something that has to be addressed by the sender, and suggested this resource:

Is this a known issue so far with regard to Microsoft blocks? Can Haiku Trac admins fix it on their side?

Try now, I selected your account to not need email verification.

Nope, nothing changed. Just to make sure we are talking about the same website - this is about Trac (, not Forum. Forum is fine.

Yeah I have admin rights at Trac, it seems the change did not go through, I am looking into it. What is the HTTP address to the “verify your email address” link in your above screenshot? I see your verification token and maybe I can use that but I don’t know what URL to send that to. I don’t know this part of Trac very well.

This page requires me to enter the token -

I will PM the token to you here.

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This might be related to my post from not long ago where I couldnt get a password reset to my email (same service as I ended up adding a gmail to get around it.
Someone thought that outlook\hotmail was blocking us. If that was the case there might be server side debug logs to see the returns.