Touchpad Issues

Has anyone had trouble getting the big one-button style touchpads to work?

Ive got a Lenovo L440 and both taps and clicks only register as a left click, no matter where I touch the pad. Ive tried playing around with the button number in the input settings to no avail. Thus far Ive been using the ctrl-click method, but there are frequently corner cases where that is awkward/doesn’t work.

As a related, but less important, aside: is there a driver or daemon or something in Haiku to handle multitouch gestures? Eg in Gnome, three finger swipes can switch desktop, etc.

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Please open a bug report instead on

I own the same unit and I have the same problem. I think it is a known issue, but please check bug tracker and file an issue.

Short answer: no
Long answer: There are two kind of devices capable of multitouch events: Touchpads and touchscreens. We have some basic support for touchpads and no support at all for touchscreens with multitouch. That last one is something I am working on.

Once we have proper drivers, generating messages with those events shouldn’t be difficult.

Even Linux doesn’t handle all this pretty well.


In the Thinkpad community, those touchpads are known as clunkpads and are generally disliked. They were introduced across the range in 2013.

Indeed, they were so unpopular that Lenovo withdrew the W540 and replaced it with the W541, which had the buttons.

On the Thinkpad forum somebody mentions that the ribbon cable on his L540 had broken, which caused the clunkpad to stop working.

If you like taking things apart it is possible to replace the pad with one that has proper buttons. You may be able to find one on Ebay.

I use a W541, but even with the better touchpad I prefer to use a mouse. It’s the simplest solution to your problem.

At least on my case, is 100% driver problem. Touchpad works “great” in both Linux and Windows.

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Until there is a properly working driver, you should be able to set your mouse as “1 button” in input preferences, and in that case, you can use command + click and/or long click in places where a right click would normally work.

Not great, but we don’t have a better solution for now.

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If the native option to use CTRL+CLICK to simulate right click is not available for you (on some touchpads is not available) you can try GitHub - amol-/haiku_rclick_filter: Input Filter for Haiku that turns CTRL+CLICK to a right click and CTRL+MOVE into scrolling. Helpful for touchpads missing right click. which will also give you support for scrolling with CTRL+move-up/move-down


Thanks everyone for their help. I think I got the gist.
Is this anything a Haiku novice could help with fixing?

Same problem with Lenovo X240.

Ok I’ve done a small research on this issue.

When you tap with two fingers, driver reports 0 clicks, 2 fingers and 0 fingerWidth. It looks like Input Server side isn’t using fingers field at all. I am not sure even if this data makes sense, to be fair.

I have another Lenovo (Thinkpad E330) which touchpad works properly, I need to check what events is that touchpad sending.

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There are several variants of touchpads and of the protocol used. In some cases the touchpad will send the “raw” data (number and position of the fingers) and in some cases it will do some preprocessing and instead generate the right click event by itself.

It looks like tap code is on input server device. I’ve done an ugly patch using finger count provided from driver and it kinda works. Main problem is, it fails very often. Maybe the code needs some sort of filtering or I’ve just introduced a bug. Another issue is, I can right-tap on desktop and it works (pop-up menu pops :D) but It doesn’t work on top of a file or folder :\