Tool to display current cpu frequency

I’m still fighting with my Celeron J3455 and intel_pstates (Why do chess engines run slow on Haiku?).

My hope was, that sysinfo shows the cpu clock in realtime. But this is not the case.

To move forward, a tool to display current cpu frequency or p-state (like cpu-z on Windows) is needed.
Any tips?

I’d have suggested ‘conky’, but at least on my i7 conky --t '$freq' doesn’t put out the frequency as it should… Maybe yours does?

Same here … conky -t '$freq_g' and conky -t '$freq' remain empty. :frowning:

it’s probably not implemented properly yet… the system_info API currently only returns the “default frequency”, so probably the max, not the current one.

Is there hope for improvement?

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Patches are welcome, as they say. Haiku developers team is very small, so any help is great.