To boot or not to boot (To BeOS or not to BeOS?) - bios_ia32 stage 1 - again

I tried several different ways to get Haiku running. Mostly I installed it onto a 64GB USB3 Ventura Plus usb-stick by mushkin, 32bit and 64bit, observing the usual procedures - initialize usb-stick as Intel partition, format the whole usb-stick with Be-format, then installing Haiku from the live usb-system.
Usually I get the “bios_ia32 stage 1 : Failed to load OS” message.
The only pc that booted the mushkin stick is a system from 2013: Intel i3-3220T processor, LGA1155, mainboard Gigabyte GA-B75N, 2x DDR3 RAM PC1600.
Haiku did not boot from an older Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E330 running some Intel i3 and 2x 4GB RAM.
Haiku did also not boot from a newer system from 2020 running Intel i5-9500T, Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Mainboard, 2x DDR4 PC2666/2400/2133 RAM.
And Haiku did also not boot from the latter 2 pc’s when installed to a 60gb or 30gb MSATA-SSD on a usb3 adapter-card.

What I do not understand is that the “live system” i.e. the downloaded file from the Haiku website R1/beta4 and written to a 4gb usb-stick with BalenaEtcher always boots on every system/pc.

Are you creating a partition in between these steps? A lot of people try formatting the entire raw disk as BFS which doesn’t boot on many machines.

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Hi, yes, I did create a partition in between these steps. Just have tried another time today with no result.

Are you sure you did this correctly, the UI is a bit confusing.

You need to:

  • Create a partition table
  • Create a partition and make it active
  • Format the partition (make sure to not reformat the whole drive and erase the partition that you just created)
  • Then install Haiku on that partition

Also, if your machines are using EFI, you need a few extra steps to set up an EFI system partition and copy the Haiku bootloader to it.

Is this part of the user guide? Would be good.

Why you write into the topic be OS then you ask for Haiku? :thinking: Yes Haiku is a rebuild of be OS, but it is much more. :smiling_face:

BeOS? First of all it was just a joke. But way back in time I had BeOS running on at least one pc and it was great. Haiku I don’t get running so for me it is not much more but much less than BeOS!

The complete EFI thing is unknown to me.
All other steps you describe I executed with Haiku Drive Setup and Haiku Installer.