TK now available in the software depot

I got tired of using the Git CLI, so I looked into whether Tk could be built on Haiku so that Git-GUI could be used. Unlike the last time I tried to do this and Tk just crashed, I was successful:


Note that this Tk is based on “undroidwish”, so it is SDL-based, and so it has a “root window” that the TK windows are contained within; not really ideal, but it works.

I haven’t tested more complex Tk apps at all, so your mileage may vary.



I’ve tried the Qt-based guitar with mixed results.

Never been a big fan of Tk applications, but I’ll have to give Git-GUI a try.

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Remember that I used it on Linux some years ago and did the job. Very nice to have it on Haiku :slight_smile:
Thanks @waddlesplash !

Yeah! Does it mean we can now also have tinter/ttk on Python?


If you install the right packages, possibly?


If it’s using SDL2, it should be possible to have multiple windows.

Probably Python needs to be rebuilt with the needed dependencies added to the package?


Great to see Tk in Haiku! It is a gateway to GUI for many languages with minimal dependencies.

Yes, but the code does not seem to take advantage of this, that I could see anyway.

For what it’s worth, I think Tk is most suitable for small utility apps. It seems kind of complicated once you get beyond basic text, images, and buttons.

As someone who codes in TCL and has been creating an app in TK, this is great.

Thanks for the port.

I tried to install Tcl on Haiku but couldn’t.
It’d be very nice to have a package of the current version.
Could you install Tcl @paw?

With Tk it’s a breeze to build some gui applications.

I insalled Tk in Haiku x86-64:!/pkg/tk/haikuports/8/6/10/-/1/x86_64?bcguid=bc365-RQTW
Cannot find it for x86_gcc2. For now it is single window with multiple subwidows.