Time to drop some older llvm packages?

With the change to python3.10 being the default one, some of the llvm packages are broken.
Maybe it’s time to start dropping some of the older ones?

EDIT From what it looks like, llvm9 and llvm12 are being used in other packages at haikuports, so probably would be safe to move away from llvm6 to llvm8.

EDIT2 llvm16 is in the pipeline (PR open at haikuports)

EDIT3 Looks like we still have a package for llvm5(?) on 64bit


Sounds good to me…

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I’m working on LLDB for LLVM12, and using 12 for Firefox port, so I don’t care if older versions dropped.


One thing to checkis what version we use in Mesa, but it probably already migrated away from the oldest ones?

Quick check with expander shows llvm12 being used for the mesa packages.
Ath the moment llvm12 is broken also looking at the reports:

	requires "cmd:python" of package "llvm12_clang_analysis-12.0.1-7" could not be resolved

Got a PR open that fixes it, but that one should get some TLC for those who can have a look at it. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing LLDB uses LLVM12 here, in that case you probably still have that one installed (and the needed python requirements)?

Try to settle on LLVM12 for now.
I can test transitioning known LLVM < 12 recipes to LLVM12 for any issue - when time permits.

Just keep LLVM9 around for a while, the others should be ok to remove/disable).
I did a local check already for LLVM7 to make sure it still builds in case it would need to be revived.


(Although I’m not sure I understood what you confirm,)
Yes I have installed LLVM12.
Indeed python requrements are required to run API tests, and it seems broken for now.
I just skip them now.

LLDB requires Clang to build and built from LLVM source tree. I targetted LLVM12 because it looks latest LLVM/Clang version already ported to Haiku.

I intend to make additional patchset to enable LLDB for LLVM recipe.

If LLVM16 will be available soon, I’ll rebase my work to it.


LLMV12 fixes have been merged, once buildmasters (succesfully finishes) the clang issue should be resolved.

Button has been pushed, from now on LLVM5 up to LLVM8 are history.