Ticket - add comment

I want to add a comment to an open ticket, and it is not possible.
If I experimentally try to click on “new ticket” I get the following error:

TICKET_CREATE privileges are required to perform this operation

I think I have read somewhere that any user can(is allowed to) write a ticket. So now I’m a little confused.

thank you, you were right.

But it is confusing, because on dev.haiku-os.org I can “login” with the account from haiku-os.org. (The account I’m using to post here on the forum).
After I made a new account it worked.

Look here under “Logging In” (near the top):

You need to create an account on the site before you can create and add to tickets. This account is separate from your www.haiku-os.org one.

You must also have your e-mail address verified before you can create or post to tickets.

I believe that is a bug and not a feature. :slight_smile:

I would say to create a ticket if one does not exist and assign it to the web team to look into it.