Three years of Haiku

So, since nobody seems to have done it so far, I’ll offer my congratulations here!

The chance to finally have a well designed and user friendly open source desktop OS makes this project, IMO, one of the most worthwhile in the OSS world.

I also wanted to say that the dedication of the project members is amazing and that I’m also looking forward to be able to at least make a financial contribution to the project soon.

(I hope that Michael still contemplates offering an alternative to PayPal for monetary contributions, as I and at least someone else have asked in the past.)


There’s a news post on the page now… Michael had tried to put it up the day-of, but he’s stuck at a new job that has a bunch of stuff filtered, so he had to email it to me to put it up. Anyway, its there now.

Thanks for the post though Chris, it’s great to know someone else realized this too =)

Errr, too much honor for me, Kurtis, I posted this thread after reading Michael’s news article on the front page :wink:

Due to the timezone difference I was partying the day before 8)