This is making me feel stupid

Aafter attempting 14 times to make a bootable USB of Haiku, using Etcher, Unetbootin, the default Linux image writer, etc., nothing has worked. I just want a Live USB so I can try it out. I’ve got bootable USB drives of about 15 Linux distros, so it’s not like I haven’t done this before. What could I be doing wrong? I boot into the USB after flashing the ISO and I get a nonstop black screen and no activity from the thumb drive. I even let it sit for ten minutes thinking it might just not show activity.

I’ve gotten the same results on two desktops and a laptop. Tried three different thumb drives. Please help!! I thought BeOS was a great project and was disappointed when it ceased development, and was happy to hear about Haiku. However…I would really love to try it.

A) What computer are you trying to boot.

B) On my System-76 computer Haiku will not boot on some USB ports. Try all your USB ports and don’t be surprised if it only works on one port only.

I have a Liva X microPC, tried both USB ports. Tried booting from USB3 hub. No luck.
Dell Inspiron 530, tried all four front ports, no luck.
Gateway laptop, tried all three USB ports, same result. Always a black screen with no response.

Forgot to mention, check which version you are trying to boot. The 64-bit version will not boot on 32-Bit computers and often also the opposite.

I have laptops from Dell, HP, Toshiba, System-76, and an I7 Desktop and Haiku boots on all of them. If you have problems please check everything carefully.

All PCs are 64-bit. So is Haiku. And all I get when flashing thumb drives are four folders.

home packages sources system

Shouldn’t there be a boot file?

Oh, so basically the flash drive is not bootable, it just contains the files to MAKE it boot? Well, that makes my efforts seem pointless. I realized Haiku was in beta, not ready for prime time, but it seems more like it’s not ready for a trailer…thanks, but I’ll continue using Linux–it just works.

This is right, the system hirachy are hanging in virtual.

I use a sandisk flashdrive and it boot perfect with beta2. SanDisk cruzer 4GB

Do not give up so fast

Use a USB2 port.

Suggestion, use DD to write the ISO directly to the USB drive. I use DD on both Haiku and Windows to make boot drives, I do not have to make them bootable and you see two partions created on the USB drive.

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I use Etcher all the time and it does, definitely, make a bootable USB/thumb/flash drive (as long as nothing is wrong with the image you’re using). I assume you’re using the Anyboot ISO and not one of the RAW images.

One thing you may want to try is holding down the SHIFT or space bar (I have way better luck with the space bar) after you turn on power to the computer (or right after selecting the USB drive to boot from).

If you get some kind of Haiku boot menu after that, then you can try playing with the safe mode options and see if you can get any further. Like, selecting fail safe graphics driver or ignore memory beyond 4GB.

If you don’t even get Haiku Boot Loader menu, then that’s a bit more serious issue that I wouldn’t even have any suggestions for.

Note that it can take a little while to get the boot loader menu but it should come up right after the activity light goes out, if your USB device has one.

Yes, dd is the easiest option under linux:
dd if=/path/to/haiku-anyboot.iso of=/dev/usb-dev-node bs=4M
Where you should put the correct path and dev node in, dev node will likely be something like /dev/sdd

BTW all PCs are not 64 bit, some people are still using 32 bit machines.

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this is making me feel stupid…

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