There i can get free pascale for haiku?

I want to try to compile EGSL for Haiku on current nightly builds but i need free pascal, in HaikuDepot i does not found it.

Any idea?

I don’t know if it still valid, but I found this:

I found Free Pascal at and a Haiku specific build is at which is the most recent version, from 2014.

After downloading it, untar it and from a Terminal window run the program. For Haiku with Package Management, you need to specify the install directory of /boot/home/config/non-packaged

Once it’s done, you can test it by typing “fpc” to run the compiler, it should give a long list of compile options. You can try some of the examples in /boot/home/config/non-packaged/doc/fpc-2.6.4/examples/ by typing “make” in the directory for an example to build it. Seems to work, using Haiku hrev49180 in May 2015.