Theming Haiku's Trac Instance?

I noticed that visually, our Trac instance remains largely unchanged from the defaults provided by Trac (except for the addition of the Haiku logo), which leads me to ask, should we consider theming Trac to better suit Haiku? It certainly is feasible, but would it be worth the effort and how would someone go about doing such a task?

I can certainly think of some things a Haiku Trac theme could have:

  • Responsive elements (if possible)
  • UI with Haiku “brand colours”
  • Fonts that follow what Haiku uses on its main website and within the OS by default

What does everyone else think?

Trac looks like it is. A technical website, not crowded with Information and Design.
Not disturbing the technical side.
While I agree to change some position of some elements I don’t see any advantage in change its design and look!
It is just clear, clean and easy… and the font is ok to read and not disturbing by visiting the site.
If someone has the time and effort it could be nice to have a look into:
which is about the position of the elements and how to move the mouse to reach them.-

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We could, but it’s probably not the main priority. A more mobile-friendly template would be nice. One thing to worry is if the customizations will work well for newer versions of Trac, as in the past they have switched between different template engines several times.

Also, it’s not just Trac, we have the look we use for docs (for example or the interface guidelines), a completely different one for the website, and yet another here for the forum. So first of all we should agree on which one is the “reference” Haiku look, before we start repainting everything else with it :smiley:

Interestingly the one from the API documentation was adopted by Sphinx as one of the default styles, and sometimes you will find it used elsewhere as well (for example at Maybe it is too good to be used as our brand identity now?


Yes that would be a good idea to use this style all over Haiku expecialy the documentations