Theme manager question

I’m using the latest B4 release.

I installed the theme manager to change the colours and so on, and I noticed in the screenshots when selecting a theme that the window decoration top bar is supposed to change shape.

For example the Windows 2000 style shows a complete title bar across the top of the window and on other styles, some of the title bars are sculpted.

When I use the theme manager, only the colours and the shape/placing of the launch menu change. The window decorations remain the same shape/size.

Is this expected behaviour?

Thank you in advance

ThemeManager was originally designed for BeOS and most themes packaged are from this era, some even imported from other systems. So, yes some things like decorators might not be available.
You will see that it is not handling all colours as well (IIRC, progress bar and links colours).
It doesn’t handle control look and I’m not sure that it is still handling terminal colours correctly.
It also has some issues.
Most annoying thing is that you can’t apply system colours without applying fonts. That is a very bad idea specially for languages needing a specific fonts to render correctly.
Globally, it still useful but use with care.

nephele is doing a lot to allow better and simpler customisation in Haiku, so things will continue to evolve and it is not worthy to work on updating it now. Once things stabilized perhaps there will be no need for such app. Otherwise, it will be probably more interesting to pick some ideas but to create a new app more specific to Haiku.


All „full-width“ titlebar decorators are disabled in the source tree.
Supporting stack and tile is now a requirement for window decorators, the windows and mac like decorators do not support this.