The state of cross compilation?

I’m interested in developing software for Haiku using C++. However, I hate giving up my standard Linux tool set. My setup is a VirtualBox with target OS (Haiku) running on my host OS (Linux) where my development tools are. And than both systems talk to each other using gdb-server or alike protocol. There are some older articles on this forum’s archive about cross compilation but I haven’t been able to find anything useful. Is there a (decent!) manual / tutorial available about cross compiling for Haiku and using gdb server to debug. A docker container with all the tools would be a bonus. If it does not exist I’ll create one and share it with the community.
p.s. Of course I could develop on Haiku but at present I have only single good computer with large screen and running Haiku in a VirtualBox does not allow me to use the full screen resolution and that would impact my productivity and the ways I’m used to work.
Update: I found this I found this.

If Haiku is using the standard VESA driver then you can add custom video modes to the VM with the VBoxManage command. In addition, the VMware add-ons package includes a vmsvga driver that can be used in VirtualBox to gain access to higher resolutions.

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Also, VirtualBox often has poor performance with Haiku, I would recommend VMWare (or QEMU/KVM).
On Linux, you can install VMWare from their website.