The perfect hardware choice for a future Haikubox?

Check it out…

Orange Is the New Raspberry? Welcome to the Age of the $20 Quad-Core Computer

…I wonder what it would take to get Haiku running on that?

We still don’t support non-x86 CPUs. Sorry!

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A total shame too! Fewer drivers, cheaper hardware . . . Sad!

Fewer drivers??! Have you actually used one or more of these boards? They usually feature:

  • Non-standard USB controllers, which are not EHCI, not OHCI, not UHCI, not xHCI, but yet something different
  • A large variety of devices on the USB bus, for wifi, bluetooth, ethernet (remember we can’t use FreeBSD drivers for USB devices currently),
  • Custom or unusual video chips,
  • Usually the frame buffer is a different device from the GPU, so to get 3D or 2D acceleration, you need to write 2 drivers instead of just 1,
  • No PCI bus, so there is no way to run a listdev or similar to discover the hardware. Instead you have to look up the schematics for the board or reverse engineer the info from the Linux kernel that was provided with it,
  • Nothing similar to the BIOS in PCs, so even getting the system booted needs special care for each single of these boards.

The initial efforts on the ARM port started several years ago. But we keep running after the ever changing platform and by the time we are “almost booting” on some hardware, it is already long obsolete and we must restart the work on a different platform.

And yes, I think all of this pretty much explains the “cheaper hardware” part.

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Funny story…

The UP² x86 board looks very interesting and also includes a mini PCI-e slot.

We just have to wait until Jessica mergers her UEFI branch into Haiku’ trunk, then it should run Haiku wit no problems.


What’s with everyone waiting for people to do things?

If you want this to happen, get the board, checkout jessicah’s branch from her github, build it and see if you can help fixing the bugs (or at least see if you reproduce them).

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Very interesting motherboard for Haiku. In addition for it Haiku need support of usb3.

The new UP² board is not out yet, they are still running a kickstarter campaign to fund it (although they have already reached their base goal).

I’d love to hear that funny story sometime :grin:

If I was half the coder that some of these Haiku core developing juggernauts were I’d take you up on that challenge. Unfortunately other than having the ability to work on some Haiku related application development (when I have time that is), I am basically relegated to the sidelines to cheer on the Haiku dream team making this awesome platform possible.

You’re starting to sound like me @PulkoMandy

The MinnowBoard works today ( It was the original platform choice for the TABBx ( (which appears to be dead in the water now) If only it had a nice case…

Jessicah’s uefi work has been merged… the UEFI loader just needs to be added to the Haiku image in a way that makes sense (and the bootmanager needs UEFI installation support added, and the installer needs to create a UEFI partition and place it onto it… jeeze now that I say this out-loud, I don’t think R1 will have UEFI)

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Perhaps not so much as dead in the water but rather frozen in an iceberg for a while until the hardware support of the MinnowBoard in Haiku improved. Recently all this November and December I have been traveling and working a lot trying to fine tune the last details in another parallel venture that I have in WebRTC and Augmented Reality, therefore I did not know of the last advances like the merge of Jessicah’s work on the UEFI support and your intel_extreme driver refresh for ValleyView graphics cards, putting aside the fact that I’m not a person who uses twitter a lot, the knowledge of this good two news is something to celebrate by jumping on one foot like a child. :clap::grinning::tada:

Although the MInnowBoard Max is still our original platform and will continue to be supported, the last thing I could advance the project moths ago was to make the latest modifications to the second version of the Case (Yes @kallisti5, there is a better version of that first case published more than a year ago that you never liked :sweat_smile: a true scale replica of BeBox revision 8, thanks to Charles Mangin’s work from on the industial design of the project) to adapt to a new version of the MinnowBoard Turbot a little bigger and with better performance than MBM:

Maybe later the next weeks I can update this same thread with new information once I have reorganized to reactivate the project or even open a new thread with a more formal announcement presenting the project to the Haiku Community and look for collaboration and feedback with some renders of the alfa version of that last case revision, as well as update the profile of the project in with the latest advances and the list of things to do.

As they say in my country… He was not dead, he was out partying :grin:

WOOT! I’ve been a little bummed out thinking TABBx died (the domain is also no longer functional)
Can’t wait to see what you and Charles have come up with!

Video on the MinnowBoard Max works fine thanks to Haiku’s new UEFI framebuffer driver. It isn’t accelerated but should be pretty comparable to VESA (except supporting native monitor resolutions)

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