The mingw-w64 cross compiler

I wanted to have it running on Haiku. Unfortunately, the procedure to get it up and running is complicated for me so I relied on pkgsrc to get it. pkgsrc has worked for me on Linux and FreeBSD.

As you know, pkgsrc bootstrap failed on Haiku. So I have no way to get the mingw-w64 cross compiler. This topic could be considered as a package request: please add the mingw-w64 cross compiler to HaikuDepot. It’s too complicated for me to do it myself. If it’s smaller and easier I would glad to contribute to HaikuPorts. Thanks.

While i understand your point you should know so far you are the only one who requested it, at frankly building programs for windows is not the main use case for Haiku, so calculate with that, that your request gets a really liw priority, except if it is interesting for somebody. So do not expect quick resolution in this case.

The best bet would be for you to try it again, even harder, and report the bugs, join to irc, ask us, etc.
Or you can wait too.

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mingw-w64 is too complicated for me so I always try using other people’s automation script.

Today I came across this script:

github mstorsjo/llvm-mingw

(I’m not allowed to post link to this host, discourse said, I don’t know why)

It’s clang based mingw, though.

I do the clone on an ext3 partition.

The clone is generally slow and stuck after git Updating files done.

I saw no I/O activity on VirtualBox’s interface.

Finally I have to cancel the process.

It’s obviously out of my ability.

Thanks for your reply, though.

You can use clang to build software for Windows. It support cross-compiling without special per-platform versions. Use following commands for cross-compiling for Windows: clang -target i686-pc-windows-gnu, clang -target x86_64-pc-windows-gnu .