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In 2006, an contest was held to create an original icon set for Haiku to replace the BeOS R5 icons. With the passage of time, much of the content surrounding the event has rotted away, including images of the proposed icon sets. Luckily, the Internet Archive has backups! The Stipi icon set won, with Honey, zuMi and Mc Clintock trailing close behind.

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I have invested huge amount of time to design and draw my iconset. I still like it :slight_smile:


Do we need anything different than what is in R1B4 already…I don’t think so. :wink:

It is an article from 2006, it is just here for archive purposes.

In all honesty my favorite ones are Ikonki, Alba, Garum, in this order.

Which iconset did you draw?

I still love the green folder from Ponkan, it was… different :slight_smile:

By the way, is it now possible to use the BeOS icon sets from back then on haiku? If I remember correctly, there was a problem with that?

Nice memories that you found there !

I like Ikonki and Klapaucius

I would guess the Miqlas?

Thats correct :smiley:

A post on the mailing list states “We Haiku developers agree on the fact that Haiku cannot be officially released with the original BeOS R5 icons. For this reason, all icons within Haiku need to be original artwork.”

They are also bitmap icons, while Haiku use vectorized ones that work at any resolution and size

Lots of good looking icons in the contest.

Oh sorry I was misleading - that’s not what I meant. There used to be several icon sets for beos, like the ones here Some of them came with install scripts, so you didn’t have to change each filetype individually. :slight_smile:

Any icon for usb flash drive? There is icon for hard disk drive and icon for CD-ROM/CD-RW(Optical Drive).

You mean this?

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Yes!! Exactly this icon