The email client Balsa

A couple issues right now. The first is I had to install both OpenLDAP (for Gcr etc) and also openldap pkgs as it threw missing libary error.

The initial setup as I’ve been using failed on security for receivng mail. Previously, I was using SSL, now I was using TLS which is fine.

The big issue right now, is sending mail. previously in, I would use using TLS if possible. That setting is not working anymore.

Update: I was able to send mail with the above settings using TLS


Thanks for checking, in regards to openldap, I see that provides in the recipe for version2.4.48 are wrong, there is libldap_2.4 and in the recipe it mentions libldap also which is wrong as there is no library in the base package for that, will try to sort out things there (need to make sure fixing it doesn’t break things for other packages).

Seemed I had to fix the build for the 2.4* version, now disecting it to disable the devel package so the newer 2.6* versions will become default, and things won’t break :slight_smile: (fingers crossed)


I was able to get balsa working after installing the missing library. Was able to fetch mail over imap.

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Which is your provider? I’ve tried with iCloud to no avail (it notoriously works reliably only with Claws).
Balsa seems to establish the connection but no email appears. Same with SMTP, emails are not delivered despite no evident error.

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openldap update/changes pushed and build on the buildmasters, process involved updating libgcrypt, libgpg-error, libksba, gnupg, rebuilds needed for balsa, pam_yubico, claws-mail, bitlbee, lighttpd done in the process, safe to update.

Older openldap only needed for LO which is broken for some time on 32bit (issue has been reported at haikuports).


I used iCloud but I needed to set an app-specific password. Instructions are here

I’ve got IMAP to work but SMTP has troubles. Can you send emails?

I had some time to test it out. It crashes whenever I load any folder. It also isn’t remembering my passwords for IMAP and SMTP servers. Secret Service option is checked in case you are wondering.

I was able to send email though as long as I didn’t try to open any folders in my IMAP account.