The beginning

I have just openend Haiku ( ofcourse I am just starting ) and I can see the Haiku name and at the top a white band saying : BFS panics
Welcome toKernel Debugging land …
Thread 517 "bfs block allocator " running on CPU 0
I can go to the helppage but that means very little to me.
Please help.


Hello Peters1…
Welcome to Haiku…
Please give some more information about your Hardware and which Haiku Version you are trying to install.
So people here can help you to get Haiku starting.

CD or USB?
Please try to give as much information as possible.

Hello Brunobastardi

I don’t think I’ll bother.
I’ve tried all sorts of downloads and nothing works.
My last effort came up with some kind of weird stripey pattern that morphed into a sort of oval racetrack.and there everything stopped.

This shouldn’t be this difficult. And I’ve tried a few Linux distributions.

I think I’ll stick to Windows.
Thanks for your reaction.


some Hardware works out of the box some doesnt…
But the Developer has to know what Hardware you are running in order to help you…

Try again later… it is worth the effort…