Thank you Haiku Devs and Community


Just wanted to say thank you to all the Haiku Devs and the community for being so dedicated to Haiku for so long.

I was an R3/R4 user back and in the day and loved BeOS. It was my main OS for several years. I recently was able to install Beta3 on an old Sager laptop with an Intel i7 and some NVIDIA graphics card. I was so surprised that everything (WiFi, USB, UEFI boot, etc) just worked. This was a very different experience than a bit over a year ago when I tried the samething with Beta1 and some nightlies.

Given the situation the world is in right now, it was very delightful to have something like Haiku to tinker with to keep one distracted. I’ve dusted off, so to speak, some BeOS references and ready to get back to writing some toy apps for it.

Thanks again for all your dedication and hard work. It’s really brought me back to a place that made me love computers and coding in the first place.



Welcome back I would say :slight_smile: Looking forward on the things you have in mind :ok_hand:


Do you think you could make some of those into blog entries showing the process from an idea of a simple and useful (or just fun) app to working code?