Thank you for well designed system

Just a hearty thank you to the devs for designing a fantastic system. I’ve started an experiment using OpenCV on Linux, and wasted days trying to recompile the framework due to mismatched dependancies. Exploring the depths of shared library management under Linux (and the multitude of locations / options), the awkwardness of using the default file manager explorer to navigate and locate headers/dependancies, the constant sudo A, B, C dance, and after days of cussing and fussing, I finally get something working under Linux. Haiku with its sensible package manager, consistent system layout and ecosystem tools, and I get the same job complete in 5 minutes. I may be missing dual screen HW accelerated video drivers, I may be missing WiFi, but the usability and satisfaction of using this system is several magnitudes better than with more mainstream systems.

Thank you Haiku devs.