Hello, I’m trying Haiku on my netbook and it is really fast and almost everything works. I’m wondering if TexLive still works on HaikuOS, I didn’t find any recent information.

I made a port of texlive.
I am currently in the process of writing a recipe to build a package.
Anyway i can still send you the binaries (assuming you run on an x86 platform), and explain you how to modify and run the TeXLive Installer.
There is also a port of the old BeOS application BeTeX, i will check if waddlesplash could add it to the repository.

Yes x86, if you could send me the binaries I would be very grateful. Thanks.

Me too!

+one more who is looking for this! How is the recipe coming along?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Newer binaries available at same location : http://lepage.kerjean.free.fr/i386-haiku.zip
Recipe in progress (troubles in texk/kpathsea/doc).