Testing repository at eu.hpkg...... -> some problems


That issue appears to be fixed last week:

Try doing an update, executing (in Terminal):
pkgman full-sync

This must update your packages, including the HaikuWebKit package.


I think it’s still an issue on x86_64, at least it was for me when I tried it yesterday. There’s a working Qupzilla for x86_64 that can be used until the package is rebuilt.



Right, for some reason haikuwebkit 1.6.3 does not seem to be in the 64-bit repo yet.


Haiku revision on Buildmaster was updated yesterday and haikuwebkit 1.6.3 has finally made it to the 64-bit repo today and it’s working again. Thanks!


KeymapSwitcher is broken after eu.hpkg repo was enabled (32bit). I had to manually reinstall the one from main stable repo.


Can’t seem to find your issue here: https://github.com/HaikuArchives/KeymapSwitcher

Still irrelevant here, but its just my 2 cent.


The recipe is broken it seems. Looking into it.


Thank you very much, you’re my only hope here, it seems.


Fixed, please update.