Test Plans

Good Morning,

I have used Haiku before for the Google-Code In. I was wondering if I could continue adding test plans in the QA website and ask a mentor in this discussion to check my work. Emrys told me that I could continue working as long as I use the mailing list or the discussion to ask mentors to check my work. Is this okay?

Thank you

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Yes, of course.

Haiku is an open source project, and as such it moves forward only thanks to the work of people willing to spend some time to help (like you and me :slight_smile: ).

There is not much people in the QA team currently, but that means your contributions in that area will be even more valuable.

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Would be great to get a dedicated test case management solution in place for the Haiku project. My vote would be for TestLink (if stood up in-house), which supports integration with Trac :wink:

Thank you for your help!

Ok, thank you for your advice!

Oh, I was just making a suggestion… no need to heed anything I said advice wise. I think the person who may be driving and overseeing manual test case management, etc… where you have been working (during GCI) is richienyhus. So reach out to him if need be.

On another note: if you’re interested on working on QA related tasks for Haiku in the longterm, then maybe us QA minded folks should have a serious conversation about how to best incorporate QA processes into the Haiku project that doesn’t hinder progress of development, etc… but actually compliments it :slight_smile: