Test Haiku including applications without internal installation?

After years of desperate waiting, my three current computers boot Haiku for the first time, the miniPC Zotac ZBOX-IQ01 even completely without any error messages!
For the first time, an older HP 2009f monitor and its native resolution (1600x900) were correctly identified.
How can I test Haiku including applications on this real hardware if all internal drives no longer offer space for an installation?
If a Haiku 32Bit and a Haiku 64Bit (bootable and with option = BootLoader) could be installed on a USB stick or an SD card, that would be a great option!

Does this not work (yet) or have I overlooked the instructions?

It’s totally possible to install Haiku onto a flash drive - that’s how I run Haiku!

I’ve tried several times … the installation works, but I can’t use the USB stick (after restarting, also cold start) as the boot medium!

I can, somehow.

You might need to access a boot menu or swap the boot order in the BIOS.

Thank you for trying to help, but please read my POST again!
I am accessing a boot menu (using F8 after Power on), otherwise I wouldn’t be able to boot Haiku from a USB stick!
But this only works with the one that was flashed by belenaEtcher. Is that your haiku environment?

I use the Haiku from a USB drive on my work computer. It works smoothly, as if it is running from a hard disk (I must admit the USB is actually an external hard drive). The installation and usage experience does not differ from a local Haiku installation.

If you have other experience, probably there’s something with your hardware.

That is what I do. But then I have to avoid the UEFI USB-Stick entry and choose the one with the USB-Name only. In my case “Scandisk”.
I have to press always F8 to access the USB-Stick and to start Haiku.

If you have a working Haiku Installation, you can install from this to your USB-Drive. So you will have all your installed programs and settings installed too.

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Thank you for your willingness to help!
I’ll try again as soon as there is time!
Meanwhile there is a problem with 32Bit Haiku and the DELL XP15 L502x. For this I am opening a new topic

I started again in peace from the beginning:
I deleted EVERYTHING on the stick, then created two partitions and formatted them with the Be File System and installed both Haiku (32Bit + 64Bit) … finally the boot manager. Works great!

With the Mini-PC Zotac ZBOX IQ01 …
Both Haiku 32Bit and Haiku 64Bit boot from the boot menu without any problem from the stick. Both systems recognize and use the on-board graphics, recognize the monitor and its native resolution, WiFi is also running and I have sound too!