[terminal] where terminal history location

Hi all

when i forget some command that i have been input before… in linux usually i check with

cat ~/.bash_history |grep mycommand

how to do similiar thing on haiku terminal?

The portable way to do this would be history|grep mycommand, or just control+R mycommand.


You can use my little Tool bash_history switche for storing and restoring you used commands too.

To found on our repo server, : http://software.besly.de
Documentation: http://old.besly.de/menu/search/archiv/sys/bash_history-switcher_eng.html


You can do a Ctrl-R like PulkoMandy suggested or, if you want access to the history file, the file is “/boot/home/config/settings/bash_history”. At least that’s where the file is on my Haiku installation.

thanks @PulkoMandy @lelldorin and @claudiom for response

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