Terminal (how improve)


Because now I don’t have to create scripts. I can call it anytime I have shell access, or with a quick Shortcut combo.


Not sure why you’d assume that the Haiku community in general is that way, we occasionally have a pretty good debate every now and then mostly civil :D. however JRG there is a new member and only showed up on the 5th of December… so hopefully he learns that RTFM isn’t good enough.

Around here an appropriate response instead of RTFM would be linking to the manual page, or just explaining what you know… if you aren’t going to say something helpful you aren’t of much value to the community then are right?

Also perhaps testing Terminal with https://invisible-island.net/vttest/ and posting bug reports would be a good idea… to improve how well it works as a terminal which is only OKish at the moment.


In fact I think it would make sense to replace the whole core of Terminal with vterm (which is used for SerialConnect already). But currently it’s missing some features: softwrap, URL and file linking, and maybe support for Japanese characters. It is however more compliant with the standards.

That being said, the Terminal is quite ok, and I would prefer to work on problems with actual apps, rather than a test suite specifically. The test suite is useful for investigating problems, but it also covers a lot of quirky behavior that no app would rely on.


Eh, no app relies on it till you run into one that does… which is the whole point of a test suite to begin with. Nano does do some wierd things… that are annoying.

Didn’t realize seralconnect used vterm.


I go farther than to say it is quite okay. Haiku’s Terminal is my favorite terminal, period. Out of the box, it works exactly how I want a terminal to perform. Scrollback exactly works how I think it should. The scrollback buffer is nice and large. This is awesome when reading back through commands with lengthy output, like compiling large projects. Scrollback stays put while commands are running, ie. it doesn’t automatically return to the newest line whenever a new line is fed to the buffer by the running command. This let’s me read what just happened while the command continues running. There’s a bunch of small details that I love about Terminal that I find annoying in other terminals. Ease of customization is unparalleled. As long as these don’t change with a new core term system, I’ll be happy.


Yep I agree there, it has good defaults, it’s just application compatibility that is the issue.


I like the Terminal app, with a few remarks. I couldn’t get tmux to work, it seems to freeze. I couldn’t get a Python app that uses emoji to display properly like on macOS. Python’s pip command freezes. Not sure which ones are Terminal’s fault…


It gets frozen on ssh terminal, so i doubt it has something to do with Terminal. It install the packages anyway, which i found… “weird but ok”


Does this happen when using ssh in other terminals, or just when running through Haiku’s Terminal app? Pip seemed to work fine when I was running it through OpenBSD when ssh’d into another OpenBSD and in other ssh situations. I haven’t tried it through ssh from Haiku. I think it could be an issue with Terminal.


It is a Haiku pip/python port for Haiku issue. I work with pip in several flavor of Linux without problems.
I just use Haiku from ssh, so I encountered this problem a lot of times when pip-ing, no Terminal app open (so pip error, python error, or OS backend Os layer functions error, probably).

Like waiting for an event that never comes.


I (and possibly others are) still wondering what your problem is…
Is it pip?
Or Haiku?
Or Haiku Terminal?
Or the other host?
I dont really remember, but afaik you havnt explained yet what are you trying to accomplish yet.


If you meant me, the problem arises whenever you do a pip install command, which gets the package installed but gets frozen after listing the “OK” message (you can Control-C it and keep going).

I pointed that it wasnt a Haiku Terminal app problem only as VictorDomingos may think, yet i dunno what’s causing it.


So it happens in other terminal emulators too on other hosts trough ssh?
If so, why is it in the Terminal thread?
Python got uppdated just yesterday by korli, does it still happens? Which python and pip version?
And btw, you should create an issue at HaikuPorts as neither python and neither pip is a Haiku thing.
I understand, you want to get input, but you should start with creating an issue wit a reproducible case, not wit cryptic posts without relevant info at the forum.
And please just dont decide it as “Haiku problem”, as you stated, as the Haiku project is NOT responsible for the ports, even if it looks like so. HaikuPorts are responsible, and this isnt the correct forum and not the correct way to report bugs with ports.


At least create a screenshot about the problem (even if it is just a frozen terminal), because “installing package” is not clear. From depot or from pypi, or what does actually “installing package” means for you.


I didnt want to get input on the topic. It is an issue I could (and can) live with.
Again, just pointing that it wasnt a Terminal (on thread topic) app error for another poster.

You are probably making it look like i was trying to get support, but is not the case this time.
I corrected my posts above, more or less, to specify that it is port-wise though.

In any case, let’s not divert the topic, please. I seem to have derailed it enough.


No problem means no change required.
Thats always a good thing.

Stating Haiku problem on the Haiku forum while you got problem with a xth rdparty provided program, installed trough a 3rdparty provided installer tool based on a 3rdparty provided interpreter/compiler is strange, but can happen, and in that case a full bugreport could be useful. Bugs lurking under the hood.


I didn’t try to make it out as support either. I just wanted to clarify if it was potentially a Terminal problem or elsewise in Haiku. It’s sounds like it’s definitely elsewise in Haiku. Thanks for the input.


Relevant bug report: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/issues/3420