Terminal file manager nnn is ready for Haiku!


Author of file manager nnn here. It’s been a while the team started exploring the possibility of having nnn available on Haiku. The utility is in C and porting (and testing) the event framework had been a challenge due to our limited bandwidth and lack of hands-on experience with Haiku.

It gives me great pleasure to announce on the first day of the new year that nnn is ready for Haiku and a PR has been raised - https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/pull/4499.

I was involved in testing the changes and fixing some bugs with Haiku on a VM. It’s indeed a nice lightweight distro. Gave me the clean and breezy feel of the initial Red Hat releases. I think nnn goes well with it.

Once merged, if you see any issues please report it on the project page and we will take care of it.

Have a great year and have fun with nnn!


Great news and thanks for your hard work is now possible to enjoy nnn on Haiku.

Great news! Thank you very much for your contribution!

It’s a pleasure!

nnn has been merged and available to install, comments may all be addressed at @arunj :smile:


Cool! Thank you!