Tasks for a Newby Developer

I was wondering, it seems that most of the work that can be done to contribute to Haiku or its applications has to be done by someone with a very good knowledge of programming and Haiku’s system design/API. So, is there any sort of scheme that could be set up to give new programmers tasks at the right level of difficulty that would contribute to Haiku or add applications? To put it shortly, I’m working through Programming the BeOS and have read Learning to Program with Haiku, but know not what to do next.

BeBook and the haiku documentation. You can always ask on the mailing list to.

http://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/EasyTasks <- check here they still may be too hard and if so just try writing your own apps think of stuff you need and just try writing it starting with simple things to begin with.

Thank you.

Start working on the Programming with Haiku series, which will give you much more familiarity with the Haiku API itself. The series itself is not finished, but the lessons which are already available will be more than enough to get the hang of day-to-day Haiku applications programming.


I’d also recommend taking an existing native Haiku application and playing around with its sources. I learned more by doing that years ago than anything else.

Maybe you could get the Globe Webeditor app running on Haiku.