.taskpaper on haiku?

hi there.

i was wondering whether there is (or could be) a taskpaper-solution for haiku after there are clients available for many different platforms? it’s probably little known outside of the mac bubble, although there is an »open source model layer« since years, too.


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Do you mean like TaskPaper? (it’s always better to link to something when talking about something not everyone knows…)

I personally use OrgMode in Emacs on Linux (I still have to finish my XEmacs port, or port the GUI code to GNU Emacs…).

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yes, right :slight_smile: i heard of orgmode and similar solutions,
but a gui / text editor would be helpful (for people like me).
are you syncing your notes with another devices?

Not really yet. I tried the Android orgmode app but it’s really basic and I never tried to sync.